Sean Moorman

  • I will go anywhere in the world to make a Photograph for you.
  • You can't really touch photographs anymore. I think its nice you can hold in your hand most of the photographs I make. The day of the box of family photographs seems to be gone and I think that is really a loss. There is something to be able to hold a photo in your hand, to pass it around and laugh.
  • I still shoot Film, I do all my darkroom printing. Proper Photography is what it tends to be called in England. People can say whatever they want about digital but it will never be able to give the Feeling, Depth or Romance that Film Photography has. Digital will always look plastic. If your not shooting film and printing in a darkroom your not a Photographer. Digital image technician? Film is Magic-digital is evil.
  • Best case, I establish long term relationships with families and sort of document the growth and maturation. One family I shot for 14 years. Its an amazing body of work. Usually I will build an album of the days shoot or one family orders about 25 large prints and they go throughout their home.
  • Or I can shoot once, deliver some prints and that is great too.
  • Editorial work? I can have you a RAW file off a film shoot in 24 hours. If that's not fast enough I just don't know. Want color? I can do it but I don't really know why you would want me to.
  • I am available for Principle Stills on Motion Pictures, Editorial and Private Commission Portraiture. My goal is to be the best at what I do. I have my moments. I use medium format Hasselblad cameras for all my commission family photography. I practice exceptional craft and I hold my work to the highest standards. I have been a Commission Portrait Photographer for 21 years working in the United States and Europe. References upon request. Want to see more of what I've done? there are more than 1000 examples on my instagram and vero accounts showing a full range of work.
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